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SIGMOD 2014: Accepted Industrial Papers

  • Major Technical Advancements in Apache Hive
    Yin Huai (The Ohio State University); Ashutosh Chauhan (Hortonworks Inc.); Alan Gates (Hortonworks Inc.); Gunther Hagleitner (Hortonworks Inc.); Eric N. Hanson (Microsoft); Owen O'Malley (Hortonworks Inc.); Jitendra Pandey (Hortonworks Inc.); Yuan Yuan (The Ohio State University); Rubao Lee (The Ohio State University); Xiaodong Zhang (The Ohio State University)
  • HAWQ: A Massively Parallel Processing SQL Engine in Hadoop
    Lei Chang (Pivotal Inc.); Zhanwei Wang (Pivotal Inc.); Tao Ma (Pivotal Inc.); Lirong Jian (Pivotal Inc.); Lili Ma (Pivotal Inc.); Alon Goldshuv (Pivotal Inc.); Luke Lonergan (Pivotal Inc.); Jeffrey Cohen (Pivotal Inc.); Caleb Welton (Pivotal Inc.); Gavin Sherry (Pivotal Inc.); Milind Bhandarkar (Pivotal Inc.)
  • Optimizing Queries over Partitioned Tables in MPP Systems
    Lyublena Antova (Pivotal Inc.); Amr El-Helw (Pivotal Inc.); Mohamed Soliman (Pivotal Inc.); Zhongxian Gu (Pivotal Inc.); Michalis Petropoulos (Pivotal Inc.); Florian Waas (Datometry Inc.)
  • Storm @Twitter
    Ankit Toshniwal (Twitter, Inc.); Siddarth Taneja (Twitter, Inc.); Amit Shukla (Twitter, Inc.); Karthik Ramasamy (Twitter, Inc.); Jignesh Patel (University of Wisconsin - Madison); Sanjeev Kulkarni (Twitter, Inc.); Jason Jackson (Twitter, Inc.); Krishna Gade (Twitter, Inc.); Maosong Fu (Twitter, Inc.); Jake Donham (Twitter, Inc.); Nikunj Bhagat (Twitter, Inc.); Sailesh Mittal (Twitter, Inc.); Dmitriy Ryaboy (Twitter, Inc.)
  • Druid: A Real-time Analytical Data Store
    Fangjin Yang (Metamarkets Group, Inc.); Eric Tschetter (-); Xavier Léauté (Metamarkets Group, Inc.); Nelson Ray (-); Gian Merlino (Metamarkets Group, Inc.); Deep Ganguli (Metamarkets Group, Inc.)
  • The Next Generation Operational Data Historian for IoT Based on Informix
    Sheng Huang (IBM China Research Lab); Yao Liang Chen (IBM China Research Lab); Xiao Yan Chen (IBM China Research Lab); Kai Liu (IBM China Research Lab); Chen Wang (IBM China Research Lab); Kevin Brown (IBM Informix Software Team); Inge Halilovic (IBM Informix Software Team)
  • Orca: A Modular Query Optimizer Architecture for Big Data
    Mohamed A. Soliman (Pivotal Inc.); Lyublena Antova (Pivotal Inc.); Venkatesh Raghavan (Pivotal Inc.); Amr El-Helw (Pivotal Inc.); Zhongxian Gu (Pivotal Inc.); Entong Shen (Pivotal Inc.); George C. Caragea (Pivotal Inc.); Carlos Garcia-Alvarado (Pivotal Inc.); Foyzur Rahman (Pivotal Inc.); Michalis Petropoulos (Pivotal Inc.); Florian Waas (Datometry Inc.); Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan (Qubole Inc.); Konstantinos Krikellas (Google Inc.); Rhonda Baldwin (Pivotal Inc.)
  • Parallel I/O Aware Query Optimization
    Pedram Ghodsnia (University of Waterloo); Ivan T. Bowman (SAP AG); Anisoara Nica (SAP AG)
  • Exploiting Ordered Dictionaries to Efficiently Construct Histograms with Q-Error Guarantees in SAP HANA
    Guido Moerkotte (University of Mannheim); Dave DeHaan (SAP AG); Norman May (SAP AG); Anisoara Nica (SAP AG); Alexander Boehm (SAP AG)
  • Durable Write Cache in Flash Memory SSD for Relational and NoSQL Databases
    Woon-Hak Kang (Sungkyunkwan University); Sang-Won Lee (Sungkyunkwan University); Bongki Moon (Seoul National University); Yang-Suk Kee (Samsung Semiconductor Inc.); MoonWook Oh (Samsung Electronics)
  • Fast database restarts at Facebook
    Aakash Goel (Georgia Institute of Technology); Bhuwan Chopra (Facebook, Inc.); Ciprian Gerea (Facebook, Inc.); Dhruv Matani (Facebook, Inc.); Josh Metzler (Facebook, Inc.); Fahim Ul Haq (Facebook, Inc.); Janet L. Wiener (Facebook, Inc.)
  • SpongeFiles: Mitigating Data Skew in MapReduce Using Distributed Memory
    Khaled Elmeleegy (Turn); Christopher Olston (Google); Benjamin Reed (Facebook)
  • GenBase: A Complex Analytics Genomics Benchmark
    Rebecca Taft (MIT CSAIL); Manasi Vartak (MIT CSAIL); Nadathur Rajagopalan Satish (Intel Parallel Computing Lab); Narayanan Sundaram (Intel Parallel Computing Lab); Samuel Madden (MIT CSAIL); Michael Stonebraker (MIT CSAIL)
  • JSON Data Management ñ Supporting Schema-less Development in RDBMS
    Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle Corporation); Beda Hammerschimdt (Oracle Corporation); Doug McMahon (Oracle Corporation)
  • Leveraging Compression in the Tableau Data Engine
    Richard Wesley (Tableau Software); Pawel Terlecki (Tableau Software)

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